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OnYourPath.net is one of the leading and largest travel blogs in German-speaking countries. Additionally we are growing our presence in English speaking countries with our upcoming translations of our content. OnYourPath readers will find inspirational guides as well as a number of tips and recommendations for hotels, tours, flight tickets and other travel industry products. All of our articles are carefully researched, based on our own experiences and offer the reader a great deal of information and added value. In addition to our popular guides, there are hotel recommendations and insider tips, which are of particular interest to our readers. From the right gear for travel, to unique experiences like island hopping in the Philippines, to surf lessons in Bali, there are a number of opportunities for thoughtful and authentic partnerships with OnYourPath.

Would you like to present your company or brand on OnYourPath? What we can do for you:

  • Advertorials (link building)
  • Hotel reviews
  • Airline reviews
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product presentations
  • Banner ads
  • Sweepstakes
  • Participation in press trips
  • Detailed advertising campaigns and partnerships
  • Product placements in videos
  • Social media campaigns

Contact us now and learn more about our many collaboration opportunities.

For bloggers and content creators

Bloggers and content creators also have a chance at OnYourPath. Non-commercial cooperation are also possible by arrangement. For the exchange of guest articles or other content, you are welcome to contact our team at any time.


Successful Cooperation.

A small excerpt of our previous cooperation and brand placements. Join these top brands and advertise on OnYourPath!

Horizn Studios Logo

Horizon Studios

Presentation of the product range and product reviews about the backpacks from Horizn Studios. Strengthening brand awareness through social media posts and product placements.

Airhelp Logo


Presentation of the AirHelp service and strengthening of the brand in terms of Google rankings.

Europa Apotheek Logo

Europa Apotheek

Boosting brand awareness in the field of travel pharmacies.

HotelSpecials Logo


Presentation of the HotelSpecials service and strengthening of the brand in terms of Google rankings.

Singapore Airlines Logo

Singapore Airlines

Boosting the brand in terms of Google rankings by placing infographics.

Hello Talk Logo

HelloTalk App

Introducing HelloTalk’s service and boosting the brand in terms of Google rankings.

SportScheck Logo


Boosting the brand with regard to Google rankings in various shop categories.

Yuneec Logo

Yuneec Drones

Product presentation and increase in brand awareness.

Pokerstars Logo

Poker Stars

Boosting the company’s own travel blog to increase brand awareness.

Gearbest Logo


Presentation of the online shop and increase of the Google ranking.

Lumsing Logo


Presentation of various technology products related to travel.

Bali Bike Rental Logo

Bali Bike Rental

Introduction of Bali Bike Rental service and review of scooter rental in Bali.

Boonya Resort Logo

Boonya Resort

Introducing the island resort in Thailand and boosting the Google ranking.